We are a multinational music production company that offers and provide good quality recording, music, sound production, consultancy services with a formidable array of creative
skills and foresight with commitment to quality and aesthetic services.

As an African, Urban and Global music production company, we have the expertise and extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of client requirements ranging from Technical
sounds and special effects etc.

Our studio is rich in different genre of music and sounds for clients with diverse musical background and entertainment as a whole with core values, creativity, innovation and client
satisfaction with a team of young and talented engineers trained in-house for any required music and sound, translating, creating and applying the oldest and latest musical trend in any projects for clients satisfactory.

To help clients achieve their objectives by providing innovation, creative, efficient and practical
solutions tailored to suit specific client’s needs with a goal to be the leading African, Urban &
Global music, sound and production company through team work, time, service and
maintaining a reputation for professionalism with client’s satisfaction.

Our studio offers a diverse range of services with global-international standards with the latest
technology and resource platforms delivering good quality services with efficiency and time in;
 Music and Audio Production
 Mixing and Mastering
 Audio Engineering
 Song Composition and Arrangement
 Signature tunes composition and production
 Jingles production
 Documentaries
 Trainings and consultancy
 Studio construction and maintenance
 Album projects
 Artiste management and branding
 Audio Live Recording and Post production